Obviously there are a lot of amazing artists in the world. this is a very personal list of friends and artists whose work I like. It is in no way a comprehensive list even on that level, but hopefully you will find this work as interesting as i do... happy surfing! And don't forget to come back and visit now and again!
  Web Link
  Link   AES+F
  Link   Candice Breitz
  Link   Brookes Britcher
  Link   Joerg Coblenz
  Link   Christopher Durocher
  Link   Elliott Earls
  Link   Robert Fanning
  Link   Tatiana Flis
"Social and psychological concerns of human responses to the acts of division, exclusion and loss, are central to my work."
  Link   Michael Glowacki
  Link   Jason Fulford
  Link   Iris Eichenberg
  Link   Anthony Goicolea
  Link   Harvey Goldman
Harvey Goldman is a multidisciplinary artist. While I studied with a lot of great faculty in undergraduate school, Harvey was an important mentor and friend.
  Link   David Hilliard
  Link   Peter Horvath
An artist pointed out to me by Jason M. Pretty amazing uses of simple web technology. Peter Horvath works in video, sound, photo and new media.
  Link   Rachel Hunt
  Link   Scott Klinker
  Link   Michael Mayer
  Link   James Mollison
I think his disciples work is very interesting. People making themselves in the images of their popular icons.
  Link   Mike Newton
  Link   Bill Massie
  Link   Jason Salavon
  Link   Christy Shigekawa
  Link   J. Deacon Stone
  Link   Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison
  Link   Matt Siber